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NYC, It’s Time to Redeem Yourself

I’ve been to New York City twice.

And it was never on my list of places to go. Ever. 

However, The Big Apple earned a spot on said list when my sister-in-law Melissa (aka Bills, aka Melissy) moved there. And yet again when my brother-in-law Chris (also aka Bills) moved there, too.

I love the Williams kids.

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I love them! Chris, Greg, Melissssy

My first NYC trip was filled with love/hate.

I LOVED spending time with Melissa. She is funny, witty, puts me in a good mood, and I can truly say she has become a sister to me.

new york, travel, writing

mel w and mel w (kind of weird, our names are only different by TWO letters.)

I HATED being freezing cold. This may have been my own fault. I didn’t exactly pack enough warm clothes (a constant problem of mine and I never seem to learn…) but I hadn’t expected for the weather to break records. Yes, it was a record breaking cold weather weekend for good ol’ NYC.

new york, writing, reading, fiction

I’m freezing and wet

writing, fiction, young adult ,new york

again, freezing and soaking wet

But another thing I did enjoy…. seeing the restaurant from YOU’VE GOT MAIL!!!! One of my favorite movies. Here I am, just feet away from where Kathleen Kelly waited and waited for her e-mail penpal.

you've got mail, writing, ficiton

yay YGM

And I liked seeing the restaurant from Seinfeld. That was pretty cool, too.

new york, writing, fiction

I’m hearing a bass guitar….

Oh, and I hated breaking a “bench” that actually turned out to be a shoe rack.

new york, embarrassment, double jointed

broken bench. we left.

And this creeper, who awkwardly posed behind me in this picture, where I’m wearing a new pair of rain boots… since, yeah… it was raining the entire time.

writing, fiction, new york

hey, man

I thought I’d never return. I was done with the city. The train was a little too loud… the pace was a little too fast…

But return I did. The second time I was with Greg.

And again, the bad weather broke some kind of record. I was freezing. Possibly even colder than the first visit.

Greg and I got lost in Central Park and had to walk 80 blocks to make up for it.

I could feel my bones freezing.

BUT…. I cherish the time I got to spend with both Chris and Melissa. THAT made the trip worth it.

writing, fiction, new york


I love these two brothers, who have a very special relationship.

new york, brothers, writing, fictiion


I liked climbing this tiny boulder, that looked huge in the photo.

writing, fiction

on top of the world

I liked eating ice cream (I know, we were crazy to eat ice cream in the freezing cold) in Brooklyn. I sort of felt like I was in Newsies. Minus the paper route. Plus the ice cream.

brooklyn, new york, fiction, writing


I reallllly liked being there with family (both times.)

new york, fiction, writing

oh, the bright lights

And swinging in Central Park.

writing, fiction


New York may be too loud, busy, impersonal and freezing cold/wet, but I’ll give it another try because two of my very favorite people live there.

So…. I’ll be going there in less than a week.

I’m ready for New York to redeem itself.

(I hear there’s a cidada infestation that only happens every 17 years…. I’m pretty sure this is happening only because I booked a ticket)

Hopefully this time I won’t break anything, I’ll be warm, and I won’t get 80 blocks lost.

I’m comin’ for you.

And can’t wait to see you, Bills.

fiction, writing, new york city

sisters 4eva

Love, Lou
















Being a Twin Rocks


It’s the last day of the Blog Every Day In May Challenge.

I didn’t know if I would be able to do it. But I did. I blogged for 31 days straight.


I might take a few days off.

I guess we’ll see ;)

Day 31, Friday: A vivid memory

All of my earliest and most vivid memories include Meredith, my twin.

These, specifically, are things I remember.


Getting into a onesie together. 

twin, memory, smiling Using our pink umbrellas.

writing, twins, memoryAnd going fishing with my dad and Meredith.

writing, memory, fishing, dad, vivid I’d say, I had one of the best childhoods EVER.

What do you remember?

<3 Lou


We Can Only Do Our Best

As the days get warmer, all the bad that comes along with cold weather disappears.

Slowly but surely.

Day 30: React to this term: Letting Go

forgiveness, letting go, writing, fiction

I find that each time I let something go, I mean really, truly forgive myself and others and move on with my life, there is always another battle up ahead. It’s a constant cycle. Just because I let go of A doesn’t mean that B won’t happen. It’s something that is consistent as change itself… I will always have something I am working toward letting go.

Just like my public apology blog, this one seems almost too personal.

But here are a few things I have officially let go of:

The dream of being an amazing English teacher 

It simply wasn’t for me. I’m okay with that. I didn’t waste four years of my life by going to college. Instead, I had a professor who was a catalyst for my writing, I ruled out teaching as something I no longer had to falsely dream about, and I met some genuine folks who will always be in my life.

People who I thought I knew… much too soon to really know them

I think this is a common human mistake. Love at first sight? Eh… I think it’s more like attraction at first sight, and then if it works out, you can backtrack and call that love. The same goes with people we believe, right away, to be a kindred spirit…a soul mate of sorts. We want someone to understand us. We want someone to look at us and really see us. It just sucks when that belief is dashed before our eyes and we realize that we weren’t seen at all and we didn’t see who the other person was at all, either. That actually takes time and effort and care. It takes courage and honesty. It takes more than a few words shared here and there, that were mostly romantic, idyllic and untrue.

My little chick, Linus. 

I wasn’t sure if I would say anything on here concerning this. But last week I had one of the worst days of my entire life. I mean it, too. I never before understood the tears of someone who just had to put their dog down. I’ve never lost something that caused panic to rise from the depths of my very being, a part of me I didn’t know existed.

It’s how I felt when I realized that I had lost Linus. :( We were putting the four chicks out in the coop during the warmest part of the day (just a few hours) and then taking them back inside for the rest of the time. I sat inside to write, eat, read, etc. I had the day off and things were going great. My word count was stellar. The lunch I made? Superb. I checked on the chicks every twenty minutes or so. Each time they were as content as can be.

Until I walked out and Linus was missing. The other three, John Steinbeck, Ray Bradbury and Mu’reigh, were huddled in the far corner of the coop. The waterer was tipped over. It looked like a crime scene. Only Linus wasn’t there. The corner of the chicken wire had been pushed open by something, a cat we’re guessing, and the biggest, bravest chick of the four was gone. My heart pounded, my adrenaline surged through my entire body. First I moved the three remaining chicks back inside. Then I looked everywhere on our 1/2 acre lot. I mean everywhere. Under rocks. In the trees. In the drain pipe. I was acting like a crazy person. I only realized, hours later, that my left hand had been gripping the front of my forehead/hairline the entire time. I was sweating. I met my neighbors, who saw me crying, when I walked up and down the street, thinking maybe, just maybe, Linus was wandering down the pavement.

It was a sad day, folks. And we never found Linus. 

I cried for three days. It sounds silly. I know. If I read this, I might be skeptical, too. But I have never raised something from day 1 before. I have never held four little babies, kept them alive, made sure they had everything they needed, only for them to be taken and disappear within the twenty minutes I wasn’t watching. I didn’t think the coop we built wasn’t strong enough.

I know it should be looked on positively. That’s what Greg keeps telling me, at least. What if we put all four of them in the coop overnight in two weeks and they all disappeared? That would be worse. I know. I know it would be worse. But my heart still aches for the little chick who probably died a terrible death, filled with fear and worry. Linus was the biggest chick, the one who would run up to my hand when I held it down into their box. He/She (may have been a rooster, we suspect) was the protector. It’s no wonder Linus was the one to get snatched by a greedy hand. He/She was protecting his/her friends. Just the thought is enough to make my eyes well up again. I couldn’t even talk about it for days.

One good thing that came out of this: we got two new baby chicks. 5 is my lucky number. I don’t think it’s a good thing Linus disappeared and I don’t think it was meant to be, but I think that getting two more was a good way to deal with the loss of one.

Another reason why I was so upset about losing Linus is that it brought to mind all of the chickens who suffer so much just for a Happy Meal. Just so that we can eat chicken every day of the week in a million different ways.

My heart aches for the chickens who live in cramped quarters, unsanitary conditions, and can never leave their one foot section of “space.”

I try to let go of that sadness and believe me, it is an every day battle. If I walked around thinking about the animals that are mistreated in the current food system, I’d be in some very consistent and heavy duty therapy.

I have to let it go. I have to, to live a normal life.

The only saving grace, the only thing that makes me feel a little less guilty, is that at least the 2 1/2 weeks that Linus was with us, he/she had space to move, stretch his/her wings and a clean and loving environment. Linus got to hear all of my favorite music. I held him/her all the time.

So here’s to Linus, the bravest chick in the world. (The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown will never be the same.)

chickens, organic, gardening

the last picture taken of Linus

And letting go of things we cannot control.

We can only do our best. 

Love, Lou



Music = Life, Inspiration & Love

Day 29, Wednesday: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories.

It’s seriously very difficult to choose only five.

BUT if I HAD to choose only five…. these are the five I would choose.

1) Wilderness by Middle Brother

I could listen to this song every single day and not tire of it. My maiden name is Wilder, so that’s cool and sort of related. This songs speaks to me for many reasons. The first is that my twin sister Meredith and I have driven around, with this song on repeat, many times. It makes me think of her and the nights we spend, usually silent, simply enjoying a nice song.

I love it when the song says:

“Just because it’s honest, well that doesn’t make it true.”

It could mean any number of things. But it really makes me re-evaluate and think about the “Truths” with a capitol “T” I say in this life. It makes me think of what honesty is.

2) Boxcar by Shovels and Rope

“Don’t let the sorrow of it get you down, change your last name and try your luck around
And if they ever come to ask about me, tell em that you knew me and you kinda liked me
I ain’t afraid to go it on my own, you can make a run and make it all alone.
You’ll be alright.”

I think it’s such a romantic song and it has actually brought a tear to my eye. The woman in this song is being SO brave. Their plan didn’t work- they got caught robbing banks, acting like Bonnie and Clyde, and she tells her love… go, run for it! Let me take the fall!!!

Would you do that?

This song has made me take a good honest look at my actions and how loyal I am to Greg. If we got into trouble, how brave could I be?

3) City Limit Sign by Meredith Wilder

“It was a humbling experience when I swallowed all my pride.”

I think we’ve all had a moment like that. I want to follow my dreams- step beyond the city limit sign. I LOVE this song, and not only because my sister Meredith wrote it and sings it :) It brightens up my morning. I listen to it at least a few times a week, if not every single day.

…There are so many more important things I should be worrying about.

4) Yuma by Justin Townes Earle

HE IS MY FAVORITE!!! JTE is incredible. He’s an amazing songwriter, great singer, and an overall cool guy. I love his interviews. There is something about his attitude that makes me like him even more. You should listen to every single one of his songs. But you could start with this one.

Did you cry? It’s a crazy sad song. But it’s SOOOOO good. I probably listen to this song every day, too.

I <3 you, Justin Townes Earle.

5) International Players Anthem by UGK featuring Outkast

I know, this is kind of a wildcard. Are you surprised?

Greg showed me this song the first year we dated and ever since it has been OUR SONG!!

No joke.

“I choose you babe.”

“I hate to see ya’ll frown, but I’d rather see her smiling.”

It’s hilarious. I love it. I know every single lyric.

You should, too.

(I put the censored version here, just in case a youngin’ visits the old blog…)

CAN I DO ONE MORE??? Please! Just one more? 

I have to.

The BEST <3 love <3 song in the world.

Here it is. I cannot keep this to myself.

It’s one of the only songs I can play on the guitar.

“So I will take these old shoes to get to you.”

How sweet is that? And pretty badass, if I do say so myself.

Again, this song makes me wonder what I would do for love. How hard would I try…. to see Greg? Would I go through all of that, and then still walk to get to him?

I think I would ;)


I hope you enjoyed these songs!



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My Hippie Experience

tie dye, road to rich's, writer, fiction

On The Road!!!

Why do I look so happy?

It’s because {about a week ago} I was on the way to my very first Tie-Dye Festival aka Road to Rich’s (Rich is the guy’s name who has a festival on his property in the mountains every year! How cool is that?) aka Weekend In Ramah, New Mexico!

The car was packed. I mean, like sardines. Poor guys had to sit in the back and could hardly even hear each other.

writing, festival, hippy, music, fiction

poor alex

All of New Mexico’s finest musicians travel a few hours out of town and camp out (in tents, real rugged-like) and 300 or so people come to listen, make their white clothing tie-dyed and do all sorts of other recreational activities. ;) ;)

We set up camp and soon realized that we were the only ones who’d forgotten to bring something: Chairs.

But at least we had our quilt.

writing, music, wildewood, fiction

Wildewood, practicing.

The first night, while the awesome Saltine Ramblers were playing, glow lights were tossed around. It was a real party, up in the cool mountain air, and I danced for hours. This is the only occasion I’d EVER wear something around my head in this way. But it was glowing. And I was at a tie-dye festival. I mean, come on.

writing, tie-dye festival, music, new mexico, fiction

I wasn’t really that crazy, it was just the picture! haha

writing, fiction, festival

showin off our bling

writing, fiction, festival

greg was hilarious. that necklace kept growing

The next day Wildewood and SO MANY other bands played. The stage was in front of Rich’s house.

writing, fiction, young adult

Meredith, Greg, Alex

fiction, writing, hippy

wildewood rocked it

hippy, music, festival, writing

what it looked like!

The best part about going to something where other bands play is the fact that I can force ask Greg to dance with me.

writing, fiction, music


And sit back to watch the show.

writing, fiction, music, festival

we hijacked some chairs

I didn’t bring anything to tie-dye, but that’s okay. I will always remember our first Ramah experience and all of the awesome people who were there.

Oh, and it was Rich’s 60th birthday. That’s why the festival even exists… for his birthday party. I have been going about MY birthday all wrong for years, I realized. ha

My favorite part about it all was spending some time “away from it all” with my best friends, Meredith, Greg and Alex. We even shared a tent. Talk about getting comfortable with people. So many laughs were shared. Lots of beer was consumed. Wildewood got a bottle of Whiskey for playing. We ate food constantly and there was always music, whether it was on stage, or people sitting around in circles jamming.

I can’t wait for next year!!!

wildewood, music, festival, writing, fiction

Wildewood and Lou




This One Went To The Market

local, organic, garden, farmer's market

what a way to start the day!

The challenge to blog every day in May continues, but today I’m going off topic.

I didn’t need the prompt, because yesterday turned out to be pretty dang blog-worthy, in my opinion.

Greg and I went to our local Grower’s Market in downtown Albuquerque. I was so excited.

‘Tis the season for buying local!!! 

We arrived at the market and right away, we saw friends of ours. The sun was shining. Little kids were dancing along with the music of the live band, and families were picking out the healthiest food within miles to take home. It was a perfect Saturday.

writing, local food, market

there are those cute kids. this is maybe one of the only places that can convince me that I need a kid right away. then I go to target and completely change my mind.

farmer's market, local food, organic

a view of the market

Right away, we found this:

organic, local, albuquerque, market

PICKLED GREEN BEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!******** Do I want to go back and change the spelling? Not really. My apologies.

The Valley Gurlz, two cousins here in Albuquerque, started their small business of pickling green beans. We met them and chatted, had a sample, and became instant fans of what they do. They were so nice, too!! It’s worth checking out, folks! (One of these women live near us in the South Valley! It’s a small world)

Next, we got these items:

organic, local, albuquerque, cooking

The garlic scapes (shoots? I think scapes!) were from Erda Gardens (UM…. just down the road from my house!!!) and I got information on how I can volunteer. I’m so excited.

The black and white radishes came from the Moore Family Farm. They were so nice. We got to try those, too, and man- were they spicy!

We also bought green onion, but I honestly don’t remember the name of the woman’s booth! Will make up for that…

So off we went, home to make a great dinner with these ingredients.

Oh, and a few more right from out backyard:

local, organic, albuquerque, farming, gardening


gardening, local, organic, albuquerque, market


garden, albuquerque, local, organic, produce

picking what I need

Lambsquarters is a green that grows like a weed in our garden. It is everywhere. I didn’t even know such a plant existed until this year. Michael Pollan even mentions Lambsquarters in Food Rules, as one of the top two healthiest wild greens you can eat. (it’s a good source of Niacin, Folate, Iron, Magnesium and Phosphorus, Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Potassium, Copper and Magnese.)

The butterhead lettuce, I’m sure you are familiar with. It apparently loves our garden, too. And we love IT.

Spinach also did well. We had enough left from the winter crop to pick some for the meal yesterday.

And here is what I cooked:

garden, local, organic, albuquerque


I cooked mixed red and regular quinoa in my rice cooker. (One part quinoa, two parts water. I added a splash more water, as the red seems to take more to cook all the way through.)

I sauteed:

local, organic, albuquerque, gardening

-carrots (from California)

-Garlic shoots (from down the street)

-Radishes (from a little further down the street)

-Green onion (from Albuquerque)

-Spinach (from my backyard)

-Lettuce (from my backyard!)

-Lambsquarters (from my backyard)

-Tempeh (from California)

-Soy sauce (from Virginia)

I added some EVOO and voila! DINNER!!

I’m no math expert, but I’d say that’s a very high percentage of LOCAL

Every single item I made was organic. MOST of it was not USDA certified, but certified by ME, because I met the people who grew it and/or saw where it grew. What a blessing.

This dinner was a cinch. SO easy to make. SO EASY to enjoy, too. We sat in the backyard with our neighbor and ate, drank some beer, and enjoyed the healthy feeling running through our veins.

Find your nearest market, meet some new friends, grow something in your backyard, and smile because it’s good for YOU and the Earth!!




Always Be True. Period.

Day 25, Saturday: Something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget (good or bad)

It wasn’t so much something about me, as it was advice, that changed my life and stuck with me forever.

Always, always, be true to your husband. – Grandpa Bob

I had the very special opportunity to spend time with my Great Grandpa Bob in the last few years of his life. He was the most interesting man and let me tell you… I have yet to find someone with eyes that twinkle the way his did, a smile as contagious, and an outlook on life that was more positive.

To put it simply: I have yet to meet anyone as happy as Bob was.

I try to be more like him each and every day.

advice, grandpa, writing

might have been the most attractive human being to ever walk the earth, just sayin. is that weird? to have a crush on my great grandpa?

We sat together and chatted for hours and hours.

He sang, “You load sixteen tons and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt.” He was willing to answer any question. He ended most of his profound statements with a strong, “Period!” (“And that was how it was! Period!”) He may have had moonshine some whiskey in his fridge.

We discovered that he and I have the same hands. I used to dislike my thicker fingers (Meredith got the slender, skinny and delicate hands of my mother’s side) but when I noticed that each of my fingers were shaped exactly like Bob’s, suddenly I loved my hands.

writer, new writer, short stories, poetry

There’s that SMILE!!!! Please, God, let me be cool enough to still sit on santa’s lap when I’m 90 years old. LOVE THIS!!!

He told me he loved me. He told me that God would always be with me. He told me to always, always, be true to my husband.

Oh, and about his continuously positive outlook on life… one more little fact… he was blind.

advice, staying true, writing, young adult, short stories

when Meredith and I went to visit!!

Grandpa Bob had no problem talking about his own death, which he referred to as “crossing the threshold into eternity” and nothing else. We talked about heaven. He wanted his body to be donated to science, to help others with the same eye condition. He lived to be over 90 years old and his mind was sharper than a blade. (I hope I also get that gene.) Certain points in our conversation brought us both to tears. I suppose I get that strong emotion from Bob, too. We laughed hysterically and he told me outrageous stories from his youth.

writing, short stories, poetry

giving him a smooch!

He had Retinitis Pigmentosa, an eye condition that worsens with time until eventually, you are legally blind. My grandmother (the beautiful one who I had mentioned here) and uncle also have this.

They, too, are the happiest people I’ve ever met.

How is this possible? How can these three individuals, who were robbed of something as precious as sight, still smile wider than all others? How can they laugh, cry, and show emotion that seems to radiate out from them without them trying? How can they see so much?

I’ll never know and I doubt I’ll ever be as wise or gracious or sparkle the way they do. But I’ll never stop trying.

I’ll never forget my Grandpa Bob, his hands, or his advice.

writing, new writer, short stories

my visit with Greg, the last time I saw Grandpa Bob

Love, Lou

(And I love you forever Grandpa Bob!)


Who, Me?

That Blog Every Day In May Challenge is almost over. Weird. And I’m kind of getting used to writing a blog every day.

Kind of.

Here is the topic for today:

Day 24, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits

And I’m not going to sugar coat a thing. Ready?


This is Greg’s room in Nashville. We did long distance for 2 years and when I’d come to visit, his clean room would soon look like this:

writing, fiction, messy

Sorry Greg

In my defense, I’ve always said there is a huge difference between messy and dirty. This is the girl who changes her pillow case at least once a week and is sort of OCD about cups. I am like the little girl in Signs who leaves her trail of partially consumed cups of water all over the house. Clean, but messy. Growing up I always had a heaping pile of clothing on my floor. If there’s a surface to place something, it’ll get filled with random things. Greg and I are figuring out how to tackle this. We are becoming the most severe type of minimalists. Our bedroom now has two things: A bed and a tiny, 1 foot x 1 foot thing with drawers in the corner. Oh, and a tiny stand for the alarm clock. That’s IT. And that is the way it has to be, or the cute dresser/wicker basket/whatever-else-people-fill-their-rooms-with would wind up only has a placeholder for things that should be put away.

And I’m the exact same way with my purse. It’s like Mary Poppins. I can never find anything. Greg hates how I ruffle through it and seem to dig my hand two feet down just to find chapstick. This has been happening for years.

That same trip, 5 (ish) years ago. Greg named this picture: “Typical of how Melinda searches in her purse.”

writing, messy, fiction, short stories



Simply because I seem to be in the ultimate minority on this one, I guess it’s a worst trait. I’m sorry, dog lovers, cat lovers, and hamster enthusiasts. I simply do not enjoy being licked, shoved aside, walked on, surrounded by smells, and usually winding up crazy itchy all over my body. I can’t stand it when a wet dog nose touches my skin. I avoid it at all costs. When dogs “play” it scares the you-know-what out of me. I think cats are mean. (I’ve been slapped in the face by a hairless cat, give me some slack!)

This could be because growing up, we didn’t have a single animal inside the house. I never grew up with the dog that cuddled up beside you. I never begged for a pet and I don’t feel like I missed out on anything.

I DO however, LOVE outdoor animals that can be classified as “livestock” rather than pets. I LOVE my chickens. They’re currently inside, but they’ll be living outdoors soon and they don’t lick. YAY!

NOTE: We did have a great dog for a short period of time. His name was Aksel and he was sweet and beautiful. He is now in Minnesota with a cousin of a cousin (confusing?) and he has a lot more space. At the time, Greg and I lived in a tiny apartment and all three of us were driven crazy. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are lion hunters from Africa and should be run one or two times a day … otherwise they get destructive. I was so allergic to Aksel, too. I got hives on my forearms every day.

writing, dogs, fiction

Don’t let this fool you, I was scared out of my mind when this photo was taken.

dogs, pets, messy, writing

a gorgeous hike we took, back in the Aksel days



I’ve said it before and I wasn’t exaggerating. I am so afraid of so many things. My fears don’t keep me from living a normal life, but they do sometimes keep me awake at night or a bit over-the-top when I’m home alone and I hear a noise (like holding a kitchen knife and yelling, “I know you’re here!” And trying to sound brave, should I meet someone around the corner or in the closet.) Call it an over active imagination… call it just plain silly. I can’t help it either way. I’ve had to get a refund for 3 movies in the theater because I started crying in the first five minutes. It was after that, and a few other movies that kept me up for ~ a month, that I wrote off anything scary. For good.

And I hate Halloween. Hate it. I still think of a show (probably on the Disney channel or some other “harmless” kids program) where a scary monster mask got stuck on a kid’s head and he was almost trapped that way for eternity. Plus, I think Halloween gives all the creepers of the world a glorious chance to do what they do best: creep.

In fact, this past Halloween of 2012 was the first time I even dressed up in years. It was kind of fun, but this photo was taken at a party three days before the 31st. Less scary, and do you see any monster masks? (though Meredith’s make up was pushing it)

halloween, scary, writing

the nerd, the teacher, the skeleton, the witch

And there you have it!

What are your worst traits? I think if we accept them and laugh at them, things will get better. Don’t you?


Messy, anti-domestic animal, scardy-cat




Poems, Laughter and {not} Swooning

Blog Every Day In May Challenge


{Today’s blog is going to be short and sweet after yesterday’s rant ;) }

Day 23, Thursday: Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you

I’ve learned that poems don’t have to rhyme and boys don’t have to act macho in order to be strong. 

Case in point:

poetry, love, writing, fiction

PROOF that we do, for real, call each other Lou

Just in case you can’t read this, it says:

To my dearest sweet Lou,

How I love thee

You ARE my best friend

How I love sleeping in a twin bed

You ARE so warm and cuddly

I surely never want to leave

I love you so so so

You ARE the best Lou

Anyone can ever ask for

Enjoy your morning, love you so!


*Yes, we do actually sleep in a twin bed. We’re cuddlers!*

Greg isn’t a super romancy guy. We never even went on a first date until after we were engaged. I can count with a peace sign how many times he’s gotten me flowers (um, that was my clever way of saying it’s happened maybe twice) and he would rather make me laugh than make me swoon.


This poem is great for so many reasons. It doesn’t rhyme. He only left it for me to make me laugh. I used to have a saying that if any guy I once dated either got me a cheesy gift OR wrote me a poem/song, I would probably end the relationship. I guess I just can’t appreciate that stuff the way a girl should. There was one poem someone wrote me in high school that was so awful, I (naturally) told Greg about it as soon as we began to date. He’s been coming up with terrible poetry ever since.

Not that this was a bad one, but it did make me laugh when I woke up and saw it sitting next to my coffee mug.

Another thing I’ve learned that school never taught me:

Laughter trumps everything. 

poetry, funny, writing, laughter

give him a piggy back ride

writing, fiction, love

make pretty faces so he loves you

love, laughter, writing

no pda in this pool. just laughter


What have you learned that school never taught you?

<3 Lou