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The Grey Matters


Poetry could be the window into souls. If someone stumbles over their words, can’t figure out what to say… feels so much emotion that they’re speechless, then I believe that is a form of poetry. I happen to write mine out. Others do things differently.

These poems all connect together the way a short story might. One day, one moment in time, can fuel more words than one could write in a lifetime. Poetry comes from characters I write, characters I know personally, and who I have become, as a character in my own life story.

However, poetry isn’t as clear as you might think.

To me, poetry often has a very hidden narrator. This isn’t gut spilling information, nor is it EVER going to be laid out directly in front of you. The object is usually hidden. Try to figure it out… but know you may not.

The real meaning is what YOU make of it.


Fare Thee Well

Just Exactly 


I Said I’m Here

I Thought, You Said

Why Don’t You


The Tap Dance

I’d Like That

Not A Mistake 

Where I’m From

It Was Life

Living A Novel

Parenthetical (Contradictions)

*They’re personal, but not always from a direct experience. Sometimes “write what you know” can have a very different meaning than one thinks! For instance, I’ve never worked in a saloonwalked a man down death rowkilled someone, or been in the Revolutionary War…however, I have written short stories about all four!

3 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Loved these! I had no idea you wrote poetry, too! I enjoyed them all but liked hearing more about where you came from in general:) You have a wonderful family and they are lucky to have you, too!!

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