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How to Leave the Desert You {Love to} Love

“If I cannot help myself

I’ll surely wander out of this desert

and hope for rain…”


I now know the following from experience:

(Because I am, in fact, moving in less than a week. So….)

If you’re moving somewhere that might as well be a foreign country (the Midwest), here is a list of things you can and SHOULD do during your last few weeks at home:

Spend as much time with your family as possible.

(and hold a random Happy Birthday sign...)

(and hold a random Happy Birthday sign…)

Go to the zoo one last time with your nephews.

feeding the ducks

feeding the ducks

Make sure you FINALLY see something in New Mexico, like Tent Rocks.

fun hike!

fun hike!

You might as well get a tattoo, especially if one of your favorite home town things is something beautiful, like cranes.

love them cranes

love them cranes

And here are some things that can’t possibly have photos attached:

Tell certain people how you feel about them.

Even (and maybe especially) if these people aren’t in your life anymore, but were at one point. I always try to encourage people to say what it is they want to say. Life is fleeting. Moments aren’t promised. We have to tell people what they mean to us while we still can. Leaving town is a perfect time to do so… even if it’s just on a Facebook message.

This is even more important if these people are in your every day life up until the day you leave. Be honest and open. Gush. Tell them how much you love them. Go get that last coffee together, no matter how busy and crazy you feel.


Because of certain life changes and too many address changes this year, my belongings have dwindled. This made packing and organizing a lot easier. I am trying to follow that rule: Make sure everything you own is both useful and lovely.

Let yourself feel whatever it is you’re feeling. 

To quote Jude Law in The Holiday, I’m a major weeper. (Maja weepa, in the accent)

I am a mostly happy and optimistic person, but as much as I let myself feel, there’s bound to be some tears mixed in. Saying goodbye to multiple people and leaving behind every familiar street corner and bar and mountain range…it’s caused me to cry a few times. Like in yoga, I let the moment happen, and then I move on. Bigger smiles are usually the result of a good and exhausting cry.

Look at each New Mexico sunset while you still can.

Because, ahem, they’re the best. I’ll miss the sky here.

Be excited for the future, and remember that the desert will always be here. 

Yes it’s a big change, but it’s not like this part of the world is going to cease to exist. Change is good! New experiences are great! Albuquerque is probably the best place in the world to visit… because it’s been one hell of a place to call home.

That’s all I got. I’m new at this.

(Oh, and let your mom take a picture of you writing your blog about moving. :) ) 

where the magic happens (writing!)

where the magic happens (writing!)


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