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It Was Life

It Was Life

By Melinda Williams

short stories, new writer, coffee

I am either

taken to a cafe in Europe

looking great- all women there do

smoking, taking a sip, smoking

my lipstick stain on both

the cigarette and the cup

The conversation is enlightened


I have a subtle

I don’t give a f—


Men pass by

One wants to buy me my next

This is the true potential

This is where

one can go


I am stepping inside a gas station

I can smell the bathroom

which is right next to

where I fill up my mug


The smell is cheap

Cheap- unlike the

massive amounts of oil outside

The two, dark liquids

our country runs on


Back in Europe

it wasn’t fuel

It was life

2 thoughts on “It Was Life

  1. This brings to mind the writers/artists of the 1920’s known as “the Lost Generation.”

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