Hey Lou Writes

The Grey Matters

Fare Thee Well

regrets, writing

Fare Thee Well

I will see it someday

The shooting star promised

Or I could

The potential is there even if it doesn’t happen

In this life

I will never

So many things

This, too, could happen

But I do every time I rest and breath in and remember

Where people (I) think it’s just black


the gray area

the light

the only thing

not here

I wish

I wish my

I wish my name was

No, never mind

And I still

Have never seen a shooting star

Not once

So I say

Fare thee well

And I realize, after all of that

I have roots

Right here

100 I’m gonna change my minds

That time


I will take these old shoes to get where

I am meant to be

I have a Grey area right here

That is better

That is Real

And I don’t need shooting stars

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