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What’s The Deal With Hair? (aka I got my herr did)

So, for those of you who might not know, this past summer I chopped all of my hair off.

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hair transformation

You can read about that day here.

Now, months later and ZERO regrets, I want to tell you why I love the choice I made so much. I want to tell you what I’ve learned about hair and how I now relate it to myself and the world.

It’s just hair. BUT hair is important in so many ways… culturally, historically, gender(ly) and confidence(ly). (wasn’t sure how to make that sentence work, but you get the point.)

Women curl their hair and buy products and spend time, precious time, on their hair to make it shiny and bouncy and full-bodied and touchable. Some women can grow out their hair, some can’t make it past their shoulders. Sometimes people lose their hair. Sometimes guys grow out their hair. Sometimes people shave their heads.

pixie cuts, hair cuts, short hair, cutting your hair blog

greg, who sometimes shave his head, and me, with long hair

If you think about it, we all say something with our appearance each day and a huge part of that has to do with hair. Millions of tiny little things growing out of our heads. Kinda weird!

I have no problem with anyone who spends money on hair, after all, I do it, too. I also have NO problem with people who spend an hour doing their hair each day. It’s their time, not mine!

However, here we go, and I’ll tell you why I love this short ‘do so much and I might even convince you to chop all of your hair off.

pixie cuts, short hair, blog, cutting your hair off

so long, long herr


One cool thing about short hair has to do with TIME. I save so much time. I’ve mentioned on Hey Lou how time is something I prefer not to waste. I want to do things on my own time, I hate waiting around… I don’t like really long daily processes. I was sick of blow drying my hair and/or waiting for it to air dry. I was sick of having to curl it to feel “fancy.” I was tired of choosing between a ponytail, bun, or down.

Job interview, church, grocery store, working out, meeting a friend for coffee… sweat pants… a dress….. SAME HAIR!!! (some girls probably want the ability to change it up. guess I’m not one of them…)

short hair, change, the pickaxe

this took two minutes. maybe. and there was no big decision to make!

I no longer dread taking a shower. Because washing my hair meant taking all that time to do it. And I had to use so much shampoo and conditioner for my hair to feel okay. It took so long to get all of the product out, too. Now I get my hair wet and I actually wash it with a product maybe once a week. It’s the best!!!

pixie cuts, blog, short hair for women, women with boy hair cuts

ten minutes after my SHORT shower

CHEAPER hair cuts!!!!! I get the “men’s price,” which is up to ten dollars cheaper. Also, in the hair cutting world….

No more asking scary and intimidating women with awesome hair where they got it done!!! Nope. Instead, I ask the 20 year old guy I work with where he gets his hair cut. I like his style. Turns out, it’s a very well priced ($ rather than $$$) barber shop. I’m going there this week! To a barber shop!! Isn’t that cool?!

I gave my hair to Locks of Love. You can always donate. If your hair is long enough you can donate without a pixie cut. But why not just go all out? My mom won her battle with breast cancer and although she didn’t lose any hair, I still felt a new connection with her and the women who feel a painful loss when their hair falls out. I want to be a part of the world that says, you are beautiful either way.



You can have the same hair cut as your super cute nephew, and he’ll think it’s silly. :) When I let it grow a little and do “the flip” in the front, my four year old nephew and I have literally, the exact same hair.

pixie cut, short hair, blog


It feels damn good. No more knots!!! No more tangles!!! No more hair getting stuck in your lip gloss!! No more painful follicles after having a pontytail in all day long!!! The wind reaches your neck, ears, forehead…. that’s freeing. It really is.

You might stop caring so much about what you look like. It’s actually shocking how much short hair has affected this. I used to stress way more about my appearance. I would worry how my hair looked, how my makeup looked with the hair style I chose, the shirt I wore and whether it went with the bun I just placed on the top of my head. I also compared my looks to others. It’s not like having less than an inch of hair is magical, but in a way, it’s sort of magical. It’s like my hair is a nonentity. I don’t think much about it and I can’t change it… it will not grow back overnight, so… there’s nothing to worry about. The choice is made. It is how it is. Comparing won’t get me anywhere. And maybe because of this and maybe because I like how I look more than ever, I just don’t do the comparing anymore.

And that’s why cutting my hair was so liberating. I said, “The only person who needs to like my hair is me.” That’s a liberating feeling. I have no other umm… assets, when it comes to people looking elsewhere other than at my face. Instead of being chesty or having some other feminine quality, I had pretty good long hair. I don’t want to sound conceited, I don’t think people just loved my hair so much and looked past the rest of me, but now I know for sure that people are seeing ME… MELINDA… and my face will not be covered by my hair. I wore it down most of the time and that was my comfort zone. Maybe I didn’t like how I looked that day so I could “hide” behind my messy hair. No longer. It has forced me OUT of my comfort zone. It’s liberated me from being just a girl with long hair.

Does that make sense? It did in my head

Another angle of the herr

Another angle of the herr

I felt a new energy. I think that since hair has been with us throughout the years and was there for experiences, good and bad, it holds a lot of that negative and positive energy. Might sound hokey, but I believe in things like that. When it was chopped off a huge burden was lifted off of me and all of the bad things that had happened were thrown away with the hair that was swept up off the parlor floor.

The amount of time I’ve spent missing my hair: zero minutes. This is entirely true. I got the chop and never looked back. It’s a non issue. I focus my energy on other things, I ‘spose.

Plus, it WILL grow back, if I ever decide to grow it back, which I doubt I will. Case in point:

my sister once had a pixie.

pixie cut

my twin!!!! a long time ago!

look at us now!


we switched places.

At the end of the day, hair is a powerful thing and it’s hard to explain quite why.

It was powerful enough to put me in a new situation. I stopped hiding behind the hair, I stopped hiding behind other things in my life. I can spend more time doing the things I love and going for my goals and less time getting ready in the morning or obsessing over how I styled the stuff on my head. I’ve had the opportunity to look past the appearance I was sooooooo comfortable with and step into a new one… and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

I surprised myself.

I never thought I’d write a blog like this one, today.

It sounds like I had this big decision and a lot of people have told me how gutsy cutting all that hair off was. But the point (you’ll read about if you read the blog, The Chop) is…. I woke up one day and I did it. I’m finally comfortable with myself and how I look and it has nothing to do with something that I depended on for most of my life. That feels good. It’s mostly a subconscious thing…truly. I don’t think about it that often, but it’s been fun to see the positive reactions of those around me. I’ve been thinking about writing this blog for a while, especially once I asked a boy for the hair tips and I just had to chuckle at myself.

Life is good, without or without much hair.

I’ve been thinking about buzzing it lately. (follow me on Pinterest and you’ll see what I’m loving!)  It grows back too quickly, what have I got to lose?

I’ll let you know. :)

maybe again one day, maybe not

maybe again one day, maybe not

Love, Happy Pixie Lou

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5 Keen Observations

5 Keen Observations (If I do say so, myself)

Driving around lately, I’ve had a few thoughts that I can’t shake. They aren’t Earth shattering or super original, but I think they’re worth sharing. Here goes:

1. I’m a little shocked by Band Aid. I’m one of those Christmas-radio-before-Thanksgiving-listeners. I love it! I’ve said it before, the Charlie Brown Christmas album is the number one thing played in our house. That being said, I’ve heard Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid ten million times this month. And… I’m shocked by all of the sweeping/typical/cliche/and possibly offensive Africa references in that song. I understand the point, but still. I think it rains in some parts of Africa and there is for sure at least one famous river. Aaaaand not everyone loves snow.

I still love it. But jeeez!!

2. I’m a LOT shocked by Britney Spears’ new song, Perfume. I shudder to think that any teenage girl could be relating to this song. The point of perfume is NOT to “mark your territory” so that the (ex girlfriend!!!) girl he’s cheating on you with will know you exist. How demeaning and awful!!! Girls, let’s boycott this song for the greater good of humanity.

“And while I wait I put on my perfume, yeah I want it all over you

I gotta mark my territory.

I’ll never tell, tell on myself but I hope she smells my perfume.”

All I think of is dogs peeing, sadness, and the prayer that no girl actually does this, ever.

If you’re with a guy and you feel the need to mark him with your scent, don’t you think there’s a problem there? I’m still feeling the shock of having heard this song for the first time yesterday. Goodness.

(no way am I posting this song on here.)

3. Mumford and Sons lyrics, though pretty good, are very Yoda-ish. 

“My weakness I feel I must finally show.” Etc.

4. Organic food should not be labeled organic. Organic should be the standard and conventional and the only foods that should be specially labeled are the ones with chemicals or genetic alterations (GMOs). Yup. That’s about it for that one.

5. Radio music is nothin’ compared to the other stuff out there. The majority of people listen to about 1% of the music in this world (at least in the USA, I think.) I only had this realization because of a few KEY people in my life who shared other music with me. I was your typical top 40’s hits listener a few years ago and now I can say that I couldn’t name five songs on that top 40 list (except for Perfume, I guess.) Do me a Thanksgiving favor, completely make my day, and look up some of these bands/artists that you might not ever hear otherwise. I’ll include a list and some links to their “best” songs in my opinion!

Justin Townes Earle MAMA’S EYES

Middle Brother WILDERNESS

Shovels & Rope LAY LOW

Jeffrey Foucault CROSS OF FLOWERS


*Wildewood ROPE

*Brush Strokes BLUEBIRD

*The Handsome Family SO MUCH WINE

If you were to study these lyrics, let them change your life, I’m positive that they would touch your soul and you will be changed in some way. That’s something Maroon 5 just can’t do for me anymore.

Have you had any thoughts you’ve been wanting to share lately?! Anything that shocked you or struck you as odd in some way? Please share… and share if you listen to any of these artists. :)

Love, Lou

*local Albuquerque bands… people I actually KNOW! How cool is that?


Grounded Again… (Just Kidding!!)

So after my birthday post for my mom when I said,

“A) I can no longer be grounded”

…my mom actually found an old e-mail saved back in the AOL days… from a time when I was grounded. This post speaks for itself. Here is my very mature e-mail.

And a very mature selfie photo, taken of myself, around the same time. My WORD.

grounded, apology letter

I’m embarrassed, but thought it was funny enough to post on Hey Lou!!

One more photo of sixteen year old Melinda, just for kicks. (also- Meredith never did anything bad enough to be grounded…)

grounded, apology letter, teenager

Meredith and Melinda (Lou)… the twins at 16


Date: July 17, 2006

Subject: mel’s letter

During this week of grounding, I have learned a lot about myself and about this family. I know that what I did was wrong, and I do not intend on doing it again. I know that I have to let you two teach me lessons, but the only way I can learn from my mistakes is to teach myself. This week of grounding was not bad at all, so in a way I guess you didn’t do your job… Just kidding! But what I mean is that, it wasn’t bad staying at home and if I had been out doing other things dad and I may have not found the time to go out to the shooting range, or maybe mom and I wouldn’t have had the talks that we did. I want to say that I am sorry and I know that I will have a fun and safe senior year as long as I make good choices. You have been there for all of my really really bad ones! But I promise that you will be there for my next year of good choices. Having a beer will solve nothing as far as my problems are concerned, but being at home and giving myself time for MYSELF will. Thanks for making this the best week of punishment I have ever received. And I don’t think that many more weeks of this will occur, even though it might be nice every once in a while! (just kidding, again)

love you!!! <3 melinda 

There you have it.

I especially like the line “having a beer will solve nothing as far as my problems are concerned.” I was so wise.

Really, though, what IS wise, is how my parents went about “grounding.” Obviously, I hung out with my family and my dad even took me to the shooting range. I wasn’t grounded as in “stay in your room for a week,” I was just grounded from the people I was getting into trouble with. I’ll definitely be implementing family time into grounding for my own kids, too.

Genius, mom and dad, genius!

(And one more selfie, because I went to all the effort and signed into my old MySpace account in order to find these. Yes. MySpace!!! It’s weird(er) now.)

grounded, teenager, apology letter

actually, I was FIFTEEN here. Man, what was I doing?


No Longer Grounded Lou



When A Mom Becomes A Friend



It’s my mom’s birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday To You, Mom!

I recently went on a trip with my mom to San Francisco. (For a Wildewood show… that’s a whole blog unto itself!) It was fun, we had a blast. We never ran out of things to talk about.

Partly because I reverted back into kid-mode and I asked her all sorts of questions… usually all in a row, and usually things that if I really stopped to think about it, there was no way my mom would know the answer. I think we both enjoyed that, though!

I have realized lately that although I still go to my mom for advice and I still call her mom, she has become a friend. I tell her things now that I would’ve told a friend years ago, because A) I can no longer be grounded and B) I honestly like her advice and opinion on things. She’s a smart lady. I find myself moving like her, sounding like her, and becoming a different version of my mom. I’m honored, really.

san fran venue

san fran venue

My mom is patient and kind and funny and loving. I think we laughed more than we ever had together, this past week. It was yet another lesson in life- my mom is just a regular person, one who happened to have me, and chose to love me more than I deserve. She has always showed me a Christ-like love.

So here’s to you mom!!! I love you so much.

she's so cute!

she’s so cute!

(We celebrated her birthday last night. FUN!)





The Adoption of J.K. Rowling

chick, baby chick, adoption, cute


So, today when I woke up I was the proud mom of five chickens.


John, Ray, Mu’Reigh, Wendy and Harvey.

But alas, life is always ALWAYS changing.

I got a text from a friend who “saved” a baby chick from 700 of her peers. This chick had a bloody/pecked on toe… and you guys, I hate to say it, but chickens are vicious at times. They are drawn to blood, they kill each other if there is blood involved.

you can see the bloody toe :(

you can see the bloody toe :(

This friend took the chick she named J.K. Rowling home in her hat! Too cute. She called and told me the situation and of course, I had to adopt her. I had to. There was no choice involved. I love her already.

I’m actually typing one-handed now, because she only stops chirping like crazy when I hold her…and she jumps right into my hand.

Needless to say…. I am in love.


me and jk


Lou, the chicken lady



Reaching For The Goals!!

The chickens, they finally did it!! Three out of five are laying. FINALLY, one of my cute little egg holders can be filled. I will never buy another egg again. It is a great feeling! It was one of our goals. 

I read something recently that I completely agree with. The gist was this: Don’t stop setting goals for yourself. This is not just a new year’s deal… this is a living life deal. Challenge yourself and set new goals all the time — every day — every week — every month. Don’t stop your momentum. 

I loved this!

Here I’m going to point out a few goals I had that somehow came true. Some of it happened through hard work and dedication and other things happened through less dramatic means… they just sort of happened. It’s been a great 2013. I was glad to see 2012 go. I might be a little nostalgic when 2013 ends.

Here they are!

Our Chickens Are Laying … and They Are Adorable 

In case you missed the story of the first egg, here you go. In case you want to see yet another cute picture of them, here you go:


chickens, coops, writing

so cute


chickens, goals, homestead

true love

oh my word

oh my word


chickens, goals, homestead

the fam

all grown up!

chickens, goals, homestead

Aren’t they pretty?

The EGG:

chickens, goals, homestead

they made this little nest out of the material in their coop!

The Main goal here is to have a homestead one day… to be entirely self-sufficient on said homestead. Eventually I’d like to raise goats, other poultry and a pig. They will all have names. They will all be like family. That’ll be the protein side of surviving on our own. The vegetable side will look something like this (yet another goal we’ve reached…):

chickens, greenhouse, homestead, goals


chickens, greenhouse, homestead, goal

the row

We already eat mostly out of the garden. The last few times I went to the store I got chicken food and wine. heh, heh

Again– it’s a great feeling!

I got a job.

I spent the end of summer and beginning of fall working on a farm, which was an amazing experience. Some of you know I used to be an assistant chocolatier. Well, I applied for a job and here’s something new that happened: I felt entirely qualified. I was confident during the interview. I knew I’d do a good job, if they hired me.

I’ll be working with chocolate again!! The big plus side here is that I’m not a huge chocolate eater. I just love the production of it!! It’s a little specialty chocolate and coffee shop, styled like a French cafe, and I cannot wait to start. I was worried about things lining up, and then here pops up this great opportunity to do something I love yet again. I’m so blessed.

I am almost done with my most recent project. 

It’s a book called How We Lost Our Minds. It’s all I think about. When I listen to songs, I’m listening to them as the characters in this book ,wondering how so and so would relate. I’ve been caught up in this story. I’m living it. I love it.

I cannot wait to share it with the world. I have about 20,000 words left. Send me good writing vibes! :) Thanks!

My husband’s band went on tour in the Pacific Northwest. 

They played in Seattle, Portland, Eugene and they’re ending the tour in San Francisco. They opened each time for a band called The Handsome Family. I couldn’t be more proud. The band Wildewood consists of drums and harmonica: Greg (husband), guitar and vocals: Meredith (my twin!!!), and guitar, vocals and pedal steel: Alex. They’re my favorite people in the world. This is so exciting!!

homestead, chickens, goals

Kate Burn Photography…Wildewood

I am going to run a 10k on T-day.

I stopped running for a while. I was afraid, as usual, to pick it back up again. I accomplished a huge goal, running five miles, yesterday, and I won’t give up until the big day. A friend is helping to motivate me along the way. The rush I feel after running is unreal.

Greg and I RE-DID our wedding photos. 

The photos from the actual day made me cry, I disliked them so much. They’re all still sitting in a stack in my house somewhere… untouched for almost four years. I never made an album, never put up a wedding photo on the wall. HOWEVER!! This is all about to change. I decided to hell with the old… I’ll make something good. With our good friend and photographer, Kate Burn, we did a wedding photo shoot right here at home. Chickens were involved. The old wedding dress was involved. My mom’s old dress she made when she was 16 was also involved. You guys, I am so excited. I can’t wait to post some of these photographs when they’re ready :)

As always, thanks for taking time to check out Hey Lou Writes!!

Do you have anything exciting going on?

Any goals you’re currently trying to reach, or you’ve recently reached??

garden, eating organic, eating, health

life is good

Love, Lou

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Ol’ Mark Twain is Right… Again

Here’s a fun fact about Lou!!!

I love Mark Twain. I devour his writing. I think Huckeberry Finn is one of the best characters ever written. His satires are genius. He pulls at heart strings. I already knew a few of his famous quotes and words of advice, but I hadn’t seen them all.

I’m sure this list is just scratching the surface, but I wanted to share it with you. It made my morning even better. Maybe it’ll inspire you, too!

I originally saw the list here, but I’m going to write my own thoughts to each quote. Sound good? Yes!

1. A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval. 

I think this is even more interesting, given the women’s version, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,” the one we all know and love by E.R. I’m all for women being strong, but perhaps we forget about men sometimes in that regard? Maybe? I’m sure this quote can be taken and “man” can mean “people.” I’m not really one to be bothered by the word man. Yet I really liked this bit of advice because it brings to light how uncomfortable anyone, men and women, can be in their own skin. You have to allow yourself to like yourself. Be your own biggest fan. It doesn’t mean conceit. It means being comfortable.

tie dye, road to rich's, writer, fiction

thumbs up to you!

You’ll find yourself going about your day with a smile or a small sense of pride and accomplish in what you do. If you’re going to “waste time,” approve of it and let yourself have a great day at home in your sweatpants. Then, wake up early, get dressed, and get everything done the next day.

2. Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

I’ve done this. I’ve griped about my age. I’m 24!!! I know this is SILLY!!! But we’ve all done it. I didn’t even want to turn 16 because 15 (half way to 30) was good enough for me. Crazy.

age 15... do I want to return? Not really.

age 15… do I want to return? Not really.

Let’s start a revolution. I almost wish that years weren’t charted and age was never discussed. After all, I’ve met people in their 50’s who seem younger than that 30 year old I just talked to. When I was little I imagined the age of 50 to be little old blue haired grannies. That is soooo not that case. Not anymore. When I was really into rock climbing I saw my boss from work there, and he kicked every young guy’s butts when it came to climbing hard routes. He can do anything. Being young at heart isn’t just a cliche, it’s real. I believe it’s real.

I think this is the recipe for being young at heart and not minding your age:

— laughing instead of fretting

–smiling rather than frowning (smile wrinkles look better!)

— talking and conversing rather than being trapped in your own head

— breathe some fresh air, see life happening around you (like planting a small garden. lots of older people who seem young are the type who love to be outside. not a coincidence!)

— loving rather than hating (forgiving rather than grudging)

3. Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.

  Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.

Laughter is simply the best way to live life. Surround yourself with it. Laugh when you want to get upset. It is a blessing. Why did God make us into beings who do this weird breathing that sounds goofy and it’s uncontrollable? I mean, what IS laughter, really? I can hardly describe it. Sometimes my laughter is completely silent… that’s only for the very funniest of moments.

lobster, cooking, mark twin


mark twain quotes

us, imitating our chickens. you can’t imagine how funny he is.

I am one of those people who believes that laughter truly heals. Enjoy this blessing!

4. Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.

Oh, man. Same with resentment, hatred and jealousy. This year was a big one for me when it comes to anger and forgiveness and the like. I forgave people I never thought I would. I was also forgiven in the most gracious of ways…over and over again.

And I realized: the happiest people I know don’t hold in anger. I rarely see them angry. It isn’t a part of their lives.

writing, mark twain, hey lou, farming, backyard

Forgiveness, 7X70…is huge for us <3

When I forgave people I’d been so glad to stay angry with, the weight was lifted off of my shoulders almost immediately. I felt lighter after walking away from a conversation in which forgiveness was a part. Being angry only affects one person… YOU.

5. Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.

Damn, Mark. I’m so glad the world was graced with his presence. I love this. Don’t feel entitled to anything.

That’s it for that one.

6. A person with a new idea is crank until the idea succeeds. 

Has anyone ever looked at you with complete doubt after you’ve shared an idea with them? It’s probably happened to us all. There’s a good chance no one will believe in your idea. Not until it “works.” Here we circle back to #1. (approve of yourself!) 

7. Drag your thoughts away from your troubles… by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.

Just DO IT! Not talking about Nike here. I’m talking about forgetting your trouble and moving on. Mark says to do this any possible way.

Boot straps might help.

mark twain quotes, coffee, flowers, roasting, chickens, marriage, writing


I say, wake up one day and be better. Move on. Be stronger than what’s happened to you. You can do this. Even if you have to drag through the mud to get to the pretty flowers.

8. The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.

Here we go, #7. We found a way to pull ourselves up out of a slump. Help someone else! I think Huck Finn could give us a lesson or two on this. He was always concerned for Jim in ways no one had ever had concern for him.

Hint: This doesn’t have to mean just people. Focusing on a pet could work, too. For most people this is a dog or cat. For me, it’s chickens.

chicken coop, raising chickens, baby chicks

proud moment for this mom

Here’s a big secret: I was in a huge downer slump when we got our baby chickens. I was. But once we had little lives to take care of, I found myself trudging through that mud. I want to give my chickens the BEST life… I want them to be the happiest chickens on planet Earth. Through that I’ve found happiness in ways I never thought possible.

9. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did so. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Disclaimer— this does NOT mean YOLO and not giving a hoot about others. 

Going on all of those adventures will be a whole lot more fun if you have your friends and loved ones by your side. If you need to go off on your own, do it. It is a part of the adventure. But don’t throw all care away to indulge yourself. There’s a fine line.

mark twain, writing, tie-dye festival, music, new mexico, fiction

me at a hippy musical festival… a place I never thought I’d be in a million years!

But my all means, explore every single day. Discover something new. Allow your mind to be challenged. Let yourself be blown around, because maybe the wind (God) knows more about your own life than you do.

And that’s all folks! I hoped this cheered you up the way it did for me.

Good Old Mark.


Lou, the lover of Huckleberry




Halloween X3

And I hate Halloween. Seriously. I don’t do scary. I don’t do creepy. I have nightmares… I think Halloween just gives creepos an excuse to creep!


This year I dressed up three times.


I was a teacher. (I have the teacher outfit from when I was GOING to be a teacher… figured I might as well use it.)

halloween costume ideas, teacher, vampire

Lou, Jess, Meredith (cool fact- my twin sister and I have known Jess since 4th grade!)

Here I was as a teacher last year with the gang:

halloween, scary, writing

the nerd, the teacher, the skeleton, the witch



I was a boy scout. Boy. Scout. I have the hair to do this. The shirt I’m wearing is my husband’s actual Boy Scout shirt from 6th grade. Cool fact. And isn’t my twin sister’s makeup incredible?

Boy Scout and Skeleton

Boy Scout and Skeleton

greg was a ninja... leonardo

greg was a ninja turtle… leonardo



I was a vampire. Heck. Yes.

easiest costume ever.

easiest costume ever.

I actually had fun dressing up!

Maybe I like Halloween.

Do you like it? What were you???


Vampire Lou