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I Looked Over Jordan is a story of an officer,  Travis Langdon, working a cell block on death row. His past is something he wishes he could ignore and his future is changed forever when he and the inmate in cell eight, Jordan McCall, form a special bond.

Wilde Wood Saloon is a story about a city boy who has come to a small town. Upon entering a bar, the bartender gives him a brief history of the town, as well as information on a mystery and scandal that happened years ago.

Narrator  is the short story that took me the longest amount of time to write (I kept returning to it and it stayed in my flashdrive, in a file, for months!) Ultimately, it wound up being the shortest of them all and has quite a simple ending. ;) By the way, the main character in Narrator is already dead.

Proud Mothers was inspired by the Wildewood song Goodbye, Morgan.  The plot twists and two best friends in the Revolutionary War deal with more than just the battle at hand.

Baklava at Midnight shows the thought process of a young girl, Holly, after she makes what could be the biggest mistake of her life.

APPEAL is proof of my activist side. Have you ever heard of Monsanto? If not, please email me at mgreywilliams@gmail.com and we can chat! This story is dedicated to the president and Monsanto. It’s my (terrifying) vision of the future, should things continue to go the way they have!

Note: The week I wrote Wilde Wood Saloon I showed it to my sister, Meredith, who read it out loud. I wish everyone had the opportunity to hear her read this, but since you don’t have her with you… TRY reading it out loud in the grittiest country accent you can muster up. It will be better and more fun :) ENJOY!!!!

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