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Life Itself Depends On What We Give


Day 16. I think. I’m so tired I can barely do this… but I want to stick with this.

And the day is NOT over yet.

Today I met family I’d never seen before,  from my mother’s side. It was a touching experience and I was driven to tears many times. I would say my family is good at many things,  but they’re especially talented with:

Saving and somehow sharing old photographs

Writing about their lives (Maybe this blogging thing is in my genes)

Making everyone feel welcome

As I looked over an entire table length display of photographs … I was struck with the realization that every life matters.

In fact,  my great uncle Arndt said those very words today at his birthday celebration…. “Your life matters. Every story counts. Every person has a legacy.”

Here are some photos I took today. The last one includes a poem written by my late great uncle Olaf.

My grandpa, Conrad Braaten, in the middle

My grandpa, Conrad Braaten, in the middle


Grandpa on the right, with siblings

More. ...


The poem

The poem

Today left me pondering some big questions. It left me wondering what my legacy will be.

It sort of left me wishing and hoping that someday I’ll be remembered by my great grandchildren.

Love,  Lou (who is saying… more on this. Maybe after I get ten [million] hours of sleep)

Author: Melinda Haas

Melinda is a writer, blogger, artist and teacher. She lives in Wisconsin with her family.

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  2. Interacting and sharing can be exhausting.. get some rest, then up and at it again! Much love…

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