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The Best Day of My Life


“Today is the best day of my life…every day is.” – random customer

Sometimes people say that customer service is a thankless job. It’s filled with people who are pissed off and simply buying their groceries, too certain that “that product is on sale and you did it wrong.” Welp. That happens. But more often than not, people inspire me constantly with what they say in our small talk as I ring up their purchases.

I had one person in particular today.

Me: How’s your day so far?

Random Guy {Randy}: It’s the best day of my life!

Me: Wow. What happened?!

Randy: Well, it’s been a great day. But every day is the best day of my life. I decided it months ago and so far, every day has only gotten better.

Me: WOW. That’s great. Tomorrow’s my birthday. Might be a good time for me to start this. 

Randy: You should. The moment you wake up say OUT LOUD, “This is the best day of my life,” and get up and go have that day. 

Me: Okay. Thank you. 

I would consider this a Life Changing moment. It’s the little things in life, eh? It’s the people you talk to by chance who say something like this. It’s the old lady who keeps smiling at you.

And right now I’m still in the first hour of being 25 years old. I can’t sleep. I’m ready for this best day already :)

Some of you were around on day 1 of Hey Lou Writes. (first blog ever) To you, I want to say thank you. Now, two years later, I want to say thank you again for continuing to read whatever it is I have to say. I’ve gone on some rants about organic food, gardening, chickens (aw!), love, relationships, being positive, and occasionally, about life being hard. Since day 1, I’ve lived each day, and I really can’t say how my life has wound up looking the way it looks on July 31, 2014. If you’d described the day I just had to me two years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you in a million years. I’ve had a lot of days that certainly couldn’t be described as “best.” In fact, I’ve had a few “worst” days.

But I always say…. a lifetime can happen in one day. {Let’s hear Randy say, This is the best life of my life!!!!}

I want to remember a few days in particular, since my twin sister can’t be here to celebrate my birthday with me. (She’s in England! Singing in a choir!) I’ll look back to what some of those actual BEST days looked like.

Blowing bubbles on the beach in Ocean City Maryland. Hugging. Being best friends. At this point in my life, it’s safe to say this was the Best Day I’d ever had. 

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true happiness

twin, birthday, harry potter, marriage, year, changes

Sharing a onesie. There’s an actual video of Meredith and me doing this with ANOTHER pair of pants. In unison, we sing a song that goes, “We are the twin sisters, we want you to know, that WE ARE FLEXIBLE!” No idea. But again, Best Day for sure. 

twin, memory, smiling


Still teenagers and visiting our hometown Austin, MN. Pretending to be sad. But it was a great day! 

sad face

Getting to spend time with my great Grandpa Bob was definitely a Best Day. He was the happiest and most inspiring person I’ve met in my life. I hope I can find half the joy he did in life…. he definitely lived the attitude of Randy. 

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when Meredith and I went to visit!!

I was Belle from Beauty and the Beast {regardless of what dress I wore…} and Meredith was a cowgirl. Look at those smiles. That was probably the last Halloween I ever enjoyed. I felt like a real lady. Best Day. 

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cowgirl and Belle :) <3

Sisters on a weekend trip to Santa Fe. We walked around and despite the fact that it was freezing, it was a Best Day. 

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Twins 4eva haha

Meredith and I were at a hippy music festival in Rama and danced all night long. Best. Day. 

writing, fiction, festival

showin off our bling

Drove all the way to Phoenix to see Feist in concert. 

writer, new writer, short stories, poetry

So excited.

Fishing. That is all. 


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And one of my most recent Best Days…. playing with Meredith on stage for the first time in front of a crowd. 



After all that nostalgia about missing my sister today and all the great days I’ve had with her…. I’d like to say that what makes up a great day isn’t necessarily something that can be named.

A Best Day could {and possibly did ;) } include:

– A hilarious joke.

– A morning walk.

– A {perfect} first date.

– A life shift to calling it Magic Monday (rather than Manic Monday).

– A pink candle on a gluten free muffin.

– A happenstance that finds you a roommate.

– A job that changes your life because of who you meet.

– A glass of warm goat milk with honey.

– Lunch with mom and dad.

– A good and healthy cry.

– Watching your nephews laugh hysterically.

– Reading an entire book in one sitting.

– Running down the street in the rain.

– A kiss.

BUT. A good day… a best day… could simply mean waking up, smiling, and getting where you need to go safely. It could mean getting yelled at and taking the higher road and still carrying on, remembering that what happens to you doesn’t matter, but the way we react to what happens to us means everything.

So. Today, as I turn 25 (which actually happens at around 4:45 PM at whatever time zone Virginia is…), I’m deciding to make it the best day of my life.


Because who knows what tomorrow may bring?

Thanks Randy.

And thanks to Meredith, the best twin sister a girl could possibly ask for.

Oh, and like the last two years…. Happy Birthday Harry Potter.


<3 Lou

Author: Melinda Haas

Melinda is a writer, blogger, artist and teacher. She lives in Wisconsin with her family.

4 thoughts on “The Best Day of My Life

  1. Thanks for this, Melinda! XO

  2. Such a wonderful blog. Made me smile and also made me think about the sign we read together a JCC. “It’s your life, let’s write a chapter we’ll be happy to read.”

  3. That day at OC was one of the best days for me too !!! I was there with the best twin nieces an uncle could ever hope for !! Happy Birthday Sweety …. Love you to the moon and back. Oh that reminds me of what can make a best day.. reading a good book or your nieces ultra cool blog !

  4. What a beautiful attitude to have!

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